Stain removal for Concrete Coatings

Stain Removal for your Decorative Concrete Coating

OK, you have your new decorative concrete coating on your pool deck or patio. Like anything new, it looks great, but over time, you see a few stains appearing and you’d like to remove them.  Here are a few suggestions that may help. Below are the two most common problems that occur with decorative concrete coatings (pool decks, flagstone/slate patterns or stamped concrete coatings)

Beverage spills/food/cooking grill grease—There are many good general cleaners available that will work. I prefer a product called “Simple Green”. It is a good cleaner and does not make a lot of suds when rinsing off your decorative concrete coating. Just work the product on the areas to be cleaned with a stiff broom or brush

Stubborn Hard Water deposits or Efflorescence – Your concrete coating has a white haze in some spots. This is especially true for areas where plants are on your deck coating.  Usually a Muriatic Acid (pool acid) rinse of 5-10 parts water to 1 part Muriatic Acid does the trick. When applying the acid, use a stiff brush or broom. You should see a fizzing action that last around 10 seconds. When the fizzing stops, rinse immediately with water. In extreme hard water deposits, you may need to increase the strength of the acid mix and this may take a few times.  This will NOT hurt your acrylic decorative concrete coating as long as you rinse right away.

This just a guide and is intended to give a few suggestions that the average homeowner can do. As always,

-read and follow the directions of the cleaning products.

-apply cleaner(s) to a small inconspicuous area as a test, to make sure there are no effects to your decorative concrete coating

There are more aggressive things can be to remove stains, but it would be best contact a licensed concrete coating contractor or contact your local manufacturer at or call 888-440-3320