Maintenance Instructions

After Installation Guidelines

  • Do not walk on (or get water on) the newly installed deck system for 48 hours (72 hours in the winter months).
  • Do not place any patio furniture, fixtures, tools or any other heavy objects on the newly installed deck surface for at least 7 days (10 days in winter months.)
  • If the deck system is applied to a driveway, do not drive on it for at least 10 days.  Cold or rainy conditions may require a longer wait time.  Please call me if you have any questions.
  • Understand that the curing process could be extended if the deck system is applied over newer concrete, since it takes 30 days for concrete to cure completely (which could be longer in cold, wet conditions.) If this is the case, do not place heavy objects on the deck or scrape/drag items over the deck until after the concrete (and therefore the deck system) has completely cured.

Maintenance Instructions

  • Periodically clean the deck with a pressure washer or high-power nozzle so that dirt won’t get ground into the deck.  Dawn dishwashing soap or Simple Green are both good choices if a cleanser is required.
  • Avoid permanently staining the deck by wiping up spills immediately.
  • If contact occurs with pool chemicals, fertilizers, battery acid, or any other chemicals, remove it immediately.

Be aware that Efflorescence (a white powdery film) often occurs with all concrete, which is more prevalent in the winter months.  Please call me if this becomes a problem.