Beautiful Decorative Concrete Stain in Oracle, Arizona !

Beautiful Decorative Concrete Stain in Oracle, Arizona !

Before I get started, many people don’t know where Oracle, Arizona is. It is located north of Tucson and borders Catalina and Oro Valley. On with the information.

Staining a patio or pool deck can result in a very beautiful home improvement. The key to a successful staining project is to listen very closely to the customer’s expectations. It is also very important to communicate to the customer what the limits of staining are. The more communication, the better!

On with the project.  Outdoor Creations was hired to apply a stain on the backyard patio. Upon meeting with the customer, they had an idea of what they wanted as an outcome of their patio stain.  I showed the customer pictures of other recent Outdoor Creations stain projects. I also showed the customer a few actual samples that I carry with me. I then showed the customer, the manufacturers stain colors.  After some discussion, it was pretty clear what direction the customer wanted to go.

The next step was to inspect the concrete for the upcoming stain project. Things to look for are does the concrete have any cracks to be repaired, is there a previous concrete coating on the patio deck or worn out outdoor carpet to be removed, is there holes drilled along the perimeter of the patio for termite treatment, is the existing concrete already have stains such as rust, different shades in the concrete deck or unevenness of the concrete, etc. These are critical items to look at and consider when applying a concrete stain.

In this case, the concrete was bare (no previous concrete coating was applied) however, the concrete was uneven and had several rust stains (from patio furniture). This makes it difficult to apply a decorative concrete stain on the bare concrete without adding an extra step. In another words, the applied stain over the rust stains would show through the new stain and would not give a good final product.

The extra step is to diamond grind the concrete to give it a good profile. This changes the concrete from smooth finish to a fine sandpaper finish. Then apply a base coat of acrylic decorative concrete coating overlay. This gives the patio a clean canvas to apply the concrete stain.

Now on to applying the concrete stain. (Note, when applying the decorative concrete coating overlay on the patio, I also apply the coating on a sample test board.) With the customer present, I apply the stain color(s) to the sample board. Once the customer approves the stain color(s), the stain coloring is applied to the patio deck. This ensures that the customer will like the finished product!