Bar Top

Bar Top

Well, we just finished applying a metallic coating on a new bar counter for a restaurant/bar, which is located in SE Chandler.   The owners decided to demo the older, smaller bar and had a much bigger one built.

We had a 32 hour window for demo the old bar, and install the new bar with electric, plumbing, new counter, etc.  Some of the bar was prefabbed,  as much as possible at another location. We applied two coats of Epoxy 200 primer to the wood counter a day prior to install. That was as far as we could go prior to install, because the bar was built into 5 sections so they could transport it and we did not want to show any seams in the coating.

After the bar was installed with the 2 coats of Epoxy 200 primer applied prior, we went to work. The seams were filled and were a reddish color filler. We did not want a problem with color bleed through, so I applied one more coat of Epoxy 200 primer.

Perfect! we were ready for applying the Copper Metallic Finish. We applied the first coat with Epoxy 400 clear fast cure mixed with Preferred Copper metallic. This took about 3 hours to dry.  Then we did a light sand and applied a 2nd coat of Epoxy 400 clear fast cure mixed with Preferred Copper metallic. It started to set up pretty quick and we went to work with the spray bottle of denatured alcohol.

The results was awesome!  They absolutely loved it!