ASU alumni is excited about her new Epoxy Floor in Chandler, Arizona

ASU alumni is excited about her new Epoxy Floor in Chandler, Arizona

Ugly Concrete Floor transformed into a Beautiful Showpiece!

ASU Fight Song
Fight, Devils Down The Field
Fight With Your Might and Don’t Ever Yield
Long May Our Colors Outshine All Others
Echo From The Buttes, Give ‘Em Hell Devils!
Cheer, Cheer For A-S-U
Fight For The Old Maroon
For it’s Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here
And It’s Onward to Victory!

This homeowner wanted to show some Arizona State University spirit in his garage.  (His wife is an ASU alumni and he married into the craziness.)  So of course we used maroon and gold epoxy and added a decal of Sparky to make this garage special in Chandler, Arizona.

Here is how we did this project:

ASU Epoxy floorThe garage already had an epoxy and decorative chip coating when we arrived.  We almost hated to do it, but our first task was to strip off the current coating.  Epoxy paint is tough, bonds aggressively and is meant to be permanent.  We used our diamond-grinding machine to profile the concrete surface.  Grinding provides a better adhesion than the acid washes that some of our competitors use. We also attached our dust extractor to contain the dust particulates, which makes the stripping process virtually dust free

Once we were down to the bare concrete, we were able use that math that we learned in our high school geometry class.  We marked off the circle and lines.  Then we used a diamond blade, to make the lines and circles. Now we started painting using epoxy primer on all the concrete surface. We then applied the maroon, gold and white epoxy finish colors.

Our next step was to apply our Sparky vinyl wall decal.

Our last task was to apply two layers of epoxy clear sealer.

We used fast drying materials, so the owner was able to drive on the floor the next day!

Clean up for this new floor is a breeze.  All the homeowner does is use a blower to blow out the dust and debris.  Then a damp mop with plain water brings the garage back to its original appearance.

Color chips and custom paint colors hide annoying imperfections in the concrete.

Although this is beautiful in the maroon and gold colors (Go Devils!) it could have as easily been done in other team colors.  The possibilities are endless.  What team can we do for you?